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Event Management

From conceptualisation to execution, we pride ourselves on creating and managing scripted and unscripted events that have unique content to excite and inspire our global audience. Our expertise covers the following:

Let our seasoned team take care of all your seminar needs.

Your company and business conferences have been subpar and uninspiring for a while. Let us handle your conferences for you because you deserve the best.

Your company workshops need an urgent boost. Let us take care of everything for you and your business.

Having the right technology and facilities enables us to offer world-class ceremonies.

Our expert team full of creatives will make sure that your anniversary celebrations are up to the task.

Your corporate end-of-year celebrations have been dull for a while now. Let us handle your celebration for you and you will not regret it.

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Audio-Visual Production

Our creative department is full of young and vibrant talents who bring ideas to life and create quality content that communicates to a diverse audience. Our expertise covers the following:

We’re proud to say that, we’ve worked on and produced several exceptional content globally.

As a production company, we pride ourselves on the thought-provoking and inspiring programs we bring to life on your screens.

When it comes to Radio and TV commercial production, we’re glad to say that we only shoot for the stars.

Whether it be your advertisement or marketing campaign, we ensure that you have professionals making sure that your work is top-notch.

Brand Activations/ Experiential Marketing

We are vested in the art of connecting brands and consumers, creating a sense of belonging, and inducing purchasing behavior across the world. These include:

For your street activations and floats, you need expertise that you can only find with the best agency globally.

Your products and services need to reach the desired target market. let us help you reach your ideal customers through direct marketing.

You have a new product or service you wish to launch into the market. Let us handle everything from conceptualization to realization for you.

Your sakes have been down for a while and you need a creative agency to come up with the right sales and promotions to help you scale.

Do you have the right team to conceptualize and come up with the right strategy to allow customers to sample your products?

You have an event coming up and have no equipment to use or don’t have the right equipment to bring your event to life. We’ve got you covered.

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Advertising And Media Buying

From conceptualisation to execution, we pride our selves on creating and managing scripted and unscripted events that have unique content to excite and inspire our global audience. Our expertise cover the following:

Your TV productions and advertisements are sorted with us at E-volution International.

Scripts for your radio ads and commercials are usually a problem for you but say no more, we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to print and digital, our creative team is more than capable of designing ads that compel action and inspire others.

You have plans of putting up huge outdoor billboards and posters but don’t know how or who to contact. We got you.