Taste of Ghana

Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

Event Management, Conceptualization, Graphic Design, Content Strategy


“Taste of Ghana” is a unique festival and the only one of its kind during the Christmas festivities in Ghana. It aims to project the beauty of Ghanaian culture while providing the audience with unique experiences. E-volution International managed every aspect of the event, from conceptualization to execution.

Following the success of Taste of Ghana 1.0, we were then contracted by the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre to conceptualize and manage Taste of Ghana 2.0.

It was fantastic as we drew from experience to come up with concepts that invoked Ghanaian culture and traditions. As our creative and marketing team worked together with GIPC to come up with exciting cultural concepts that inspired and showed true Ghanaian identity. We believed that showing authentic Ghanaian culture was a way to showcase our unique position in Africa and the world.

We had thousands of people come to enjoy the event from all across the country including actors, celebrities, dignitaries, some statesmen, and of course the general public.

As the nation’s foremost leader in events management, we strategized, conceptualized, and executed the event flawlessly which made the event satisfactory and enjoyable to everyone who came. Those who missed it definitely decided to make it a point not to miss any other one.

Check below for some images from the event in 2021.

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